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Where our business is your success.

Thank you for your interest in the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce (PHCC). Our Chamber has worked diligently to follow a mission for you, your business, and our new incoming businesses. This is an indication of the effort we put forth to meet the needs of our business members and strengthen our business community.

Statistics show that 63% of consumers view a Chamber of Commerce business member as having more credibility than a non-member business. Members of PHCC come from every side of Polk county including Des Moines, Pleasant Hill, and Altoona.

Membership means something different to each of our members, and a few primary reasons businesses join include:

  • Networking opportunities and relationship building with fellow business professionals
  • Recognition and exposure for their business
  • Impact on the community’s quality of life and business environment in the Pleasant Hill area

PHCC's dedication to membership needs is why we are over 125 members strong and growing! Each and every member adds to this strength, and the addition of new members creates more opportunities for our existing members. We hope that you will support our efforts toward continued improvement of the business climate in Pleasant Hill and surrounding areas by joining PHCC.

Membership according to our bylaws

Section 2.01 Active Members
This organization shall consist of active members.
     • Business Members  Any organization operating in central Iowa interested in promoting the growth, prosperity, and enhancing the quality of life in Pleasant Hill may be elected to active membership.
    • Individual Members  Any individual in the Pleasant Hill area interested in promoting the growth, prosperity and enhancing the quality of life in Pleasant Hill may become a non-voting member. Individual Members may become voting members if elected to the Board of Directors.
    • Investor Members  Any organization that contributes at the Major Investors Levels, to include President’s Club Executive, Supporting Partner, Chamber Investor, and Chamber Trustee.
Section 2.02 Applicant
Applications shall be filed with the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce.
Section 2.03 Dues
The annual dues for all Active Members shall be established by the Board of Directors. These dues shall be paid annually on or before February 1st of the calendar year.
Section 2.04 Resignation
Each member shall be liable for dues until written resignation has been received by the Executive Director.
Section 2.05 Removal
Active Members may be removed by a vote of the Board of Directors. Cause of removal may include, but is not limited to, violations of government laws or regulations, unethical business practices, or actions counter to the good of the Pleasant Hill Community. The Board of Directors retain full authority to take action on removing any Active Member. Any removed member shall be liable for dues through the end of the calendar year of the date of their removal.
Section 2.06 Delinquency
If any members fail to pay their dues within thirty (30) days after February 1, written notice of delinquency shall be given to them by the Executive Director. If, at the end of sixty (60) days from the due date, dues remain delinquent, their membership may be canceled.

If you would like a complete copy of our current bylaws, please email