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Business of the Month

Business of the Month

When did your business open?

May 2011

Tell us about your business and what industry?

ICE Performance Training Center was founded by Mike Morgan & Todd Downing, and is named in tribute to a fallen friend, BJ "ICEman" Iseminger. BJ is an alumnus of SE Polk, an Army Veteran, and a former Des Moines Firefighter/Paramedic. He passed away nearly 12yrs ago in the Lake of the Ozarks, and we immediately wanted to do something that he would have loved to do, so it was only fitting to name it after him. WHAT IS IT THAT WE DO?- Initially ICE Performance started out as solely a Youth & High School Wrestling Facility to assist area schools in improving the quality of wrestling in Central Iowa. However, with my fitness training background we quickly evolved into Sports Performance Training & Adult Fitness as well. We provide top notch training programs for area athletes of all sports backgrounds (ages 9 & above). We offer a Warrior Strength Program year-round and can help athletes develop more power, explosiveness, cardio, speed, coordination, and much more. We do work well with others too, case in point... certain kids are already training at their school or at another training facility and it's important to know that our curriculum does in fact mesh well with others if need be. Our Adult Functional Fitness classes are quite frankly "one of a kind" & are only 30min long. We offer several class times throughout the week. We are so confident in our programs that we GUARANTEE RESULTS.

Tell us about yourself and your employees?

 I grew up in southern Iowa and wrestled at one of the TOP Junior Colleges in the nation (Iowa Central). My desire for coaching eventually grew stronger than my desire to go on to a 4yr school & continue competing. Not to mention, I loved FOOD & wasn't a fan of more weight cutting after 6yrs of it. Along the way, I continued to educate myself in Exercise Science as I had such an extreme passion for helping others improve their fitness and way of life. In 2004, I moved to Austin, TX for 8yrs and started a company called FIT-Athlete & then partnered up with a Martial Arts Facility to create a large multi-purpose training center called Peak Performance. Eventually, I moved back to Iowa to be closer to family. Fast forward to present time, I am so glad I did because this is when I met my amazing wife Tarah. We have 3 children under the age of 7 and a dog (Ha!). OUR STAFF: We have a couple trainers on our team that conduct weekly classes for ICE Performance. Both Diana Givens & Lynn Phipps started out as a client of mine, and over the years they have excelled in our training programs to the point where we felt they could help teach & inspire others at a high level. We love hiring from within because those individuals really understand our philosophy as well as the verbiage, we use to teach others, because they've been thru it ALL. Lisa Kelderman is our part time Marketing Director that really is a "Joan of many trades". She helps our programs grow in many ways from both in front and behind the scenes. For the past 2 Summers, highly decorated SE Polk Alumni "Sydney Milani" has helped coach our Summer Programs, after once being an athlete in our Warrior Strength Programs. She does an amazing job with both the adults and our current roster of athletes and has tremendous understanding of what we do here at ICE Performance.


What do you want the Chamber members to know about your organization?

 For us, it's important that other Chamber members know that we are here to help each other's business grow. One of my favorite quotes is: "Help enough people get what they want, and you will eventually get what you want". I want our members to shop local and seek out a service just down the road versus in West Des Moines as often as possible, and on the flip side if a fellow chamber member can refer some of their customers to us and keep their dollars in Pleasant Hill instead of one of the big box gyms elsewhere- that is a victory as well. For the Pleasant Hill Residents, I would like them to know that we are a functional fitness training facility for ALL levels, ages, and sizes. Our philosophy is designed to help everyday chores, career & household demands become easier by training in all different planes of motion and from multiple angles. You will never repeat the exact same weekly workout- EVER. The most important thing to us, is that everyone stops in and tries our programs for FREE to determine whether they feel it's for them or not, because that is honestly the only way you'll ever know.


Why did you join the Chamber of Commerce?

We joined the Chamber because we enjoy the TEAM atmosphere, and this is the best way to get to know other area businesses and help each other prosper.


How should people contact you?

People can contact us by our website, email, or phone. Website: Email: Phone: 515-957-8622 *Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


Do you have any monthly specials or information you want on the website for this month?

 For the entire month of August, we have 2 "BACK TO SCHOOL" Specials:

1) Enroll with a friend in our 30min Adult FITcamps, and neither of you pay the $150 registration fee (August ONLY).

2) Enroll your athlete in our 9 week Fall Warrior Sports Performance Program & receive our 1st ever "Warrior Strong" Hoodie for FREE. (Ages 9 & up)

*Just a reminder that we do also offer 3 days FREE for Adults who would like to come try our 30min classes out.

Any other information about your business?

 At ICE Performance, we are a close-knit family where everyone wants each other to succeed and accomplish their goals. We don't compete with each other during workouts, as that is a point where it becomes dangerous. Our trainers can revise any movement to make it do-able for you. Our sports performance programs & adult FITcamps are 2nd to nobody, and it's worth checking out for yourself. ICE Performance also rents our facility out for birthday parties, graduations, coaching clinics, and sports practices (i.e. baseball, softball, soccer, etc). Fitness trainers who are interested in using our facility to train their personal clients or create their own group training program, should contact us immediately as we are always on the lookout for high character individuals to partner up with & assist.

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